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Building Consultancy

We pride ourselves on giving market leading, complex advice in an approachable, business focused way.

We have talented building surveyors located across our office network who advise on all technical aspects of property. 

Our services cover the entire life cycle of a property, from pre-acquisition, operation and use, through to disposal and exit.

View our detailed services below.

Building Defect Appraisal

Because building defects can emerge in many different ways, we offer much more than just a visual survey.

We’ll identify the root cause of the problem through physical investigation, laboratory analysis of materials and an in-depth review of the construction.

Our building defect experts then devise your repairing strategy based on your budget and timescales, ensuring your problem is fixed at the root cause, and therefore minimising reoccurring defects.

Building Surveys

We’ll give you a detailed understanding of the condition of the property you are planning to buy or rent, or already own.

We provide several different types of building surveys, including:

• Pre-acquisition surveys – an analysis of potential risks to the building you are about to purchase or rent

• Technical due diligence – a detailed technical analysis of the property you purchase or rent, currently own or rent, or the property you are about to dispose of

• Pre-divestment surveys – an analysis of potential issues to the building you are about to dispose of

When looking for a new property, a building survey will ensure you know of any defects to the building before entering into a contract. Working with us also allows you to plan ahead, taking into account any extra costs that may be required to repair liabilities, or give you long term knowledge on whether the property will deteriorate during your time there.

To find out which survey best suits you and your property, please get in touch.

Cost Consultancy & Quantity Surveying

Cost management is one of the most important elements of a project. We will protect your budget and ensure you get the absolute most value for money.

We’ll advise you on cash flow and life cycle costs, and manage your budget using cost plans and cost management tools.

As specialist building consultants, we’ll also advise on contractors and sub consultants, including procurement and on site analysis on contractor information.

We’ll give you an understanding of the cost implications of construction materials and methods, as well as provision of alternative solutions if required. We’ll also give you a detailed understanding of market conditions to ensure accurate cost reporting.

Development Monitoring

We provide professional monitoring of third party development to help protect your investment.

You’ll be supported throughout the entire project, starting with an analysis of development documentation to identify and negotiate out any risks, including ensuring sensible cost allowances.

We’ll also highlight any information gaps, and advise on any specialist reports or surveys you need, as well as assess your developer’s commitment to sustainability.

Throughout the development, our regular site visits and reports will keep you up to date with the project, and highlight any risks to you and your legal team. Once completed, we’ll ensure you get all the right documentation, guarantees and warranties.


Dilapidations relate to the condition of a property during or at the end of a lease.

We develop dilapidations strategies for both landlords and tenants using our knowledge of dilapidations law and current case law. By using an expert to handle effective negotiations, you can ensure your settlement is achieved quickly and efficiently.


We’ll minimise the settlement to ensure you’ve got funds for your move to new premises, or to boost your cash flow.

We also offer dilapidations advice for tenants taking out a new lease, which will minimise the liability when you leave the property. Our pre-lease service includes a review of lease covenants, review of premises during lease negotiations, and the preparation of a schedule of condition to attach to your lease.


We’ll maximise your settlement to ensure you’ve got funds to improve your property and increase its capital value and desirability to new tenants.

Environmental & Sustainability Consultancy

We provide expert advice on EPC improvements to ensure that building affected by energy efficiency regulations can be improved in order to maintain capital value of assets.

Our qualified EPC assessors will ensure that building sales and lettings are arranged swiftly.

Health and Safety Consultancy

We are established market leaders in the provision of CDM/healthy and safety consultancy with extensive skills, working knowledge and experience as CDM advisors and health and safety consultant in both design and construction.

This puts us in a prime position to provide a valuable independent service to advise, assist and guide the Client and/or Principal Designer in effectively discharging their duties under the new CDM Regulations.

We can help take on these duties on your behalf and work closely at your side as a designated independent body focusing solely on dealing with health & safety both during design and throughout construction. In particular with our expertise in Design Risk Management (DRM) we can assist in designing out and reducing health & safety risks to those involved in construction work, in-use and future maintenance of the building, facility or structure, which can make a significant contribution to reducing its whole life cost and will make delivery to time, cost and quality more likely.

Our early appointment will ensure that CDM advice and management is an integral part of the control of design and construction health and safety across the procurement process and not an afterthought or bolt-on to normal design and construction processes.

We see ourselves as positive, effective and pragmatic health & safety enablers who have a proven track record for delivering effective health & safety risk management and raising the standards of health & safety for people whose lives and wellbeing can be at serious risk in an inherently dangerous industry.

Our lead CDM Advisors are all Chartered Surveyors with many years of hands-on practical experience of managing safety into design and construction operations. 

Occupational Surveys

Property can be a significant expenditure over time, and planning of maintenance can assist with cash flow.

We’re experienced in providing portfolio assessments to minimise the need for reactive maintenance.

Our reinstatement cost assessors will ensure your building is accurately insured, including accurate assessment of re-build costs.

Our expert witness reports provide assistance where litigation is required.

Party Wall & Neighbourly Matters

We offer impartial advice to building owners and their neighbours in order to resolve disputes quickly and equitably through open discussion.

We’re experts in neighbourly laws, and managing disputes and negotiations, as well as providing informal advice on boundary disputes such as party wall, schedules of condition, and over sailing licences for cranes and scaffolding.

We work with clients of all sizes and across many different sectors, including residential, office, student accommodation, historic buildings, retail, industrial units, leisure and hotels, and public sector buildings.

Project Management & Contract Administration

Our project management and contract administration team will help protect your time, money and quality standards during your project.

We’ll handle everything from contract administration, to managing sub-consultants and contractors to ensure your project is delivered efficiently.

We understand how important relationships and communication are throughout project delivery, so we’ll get to know you, and everyone else working on the project to create a productive and cooperative environment.

Our understanding of construction and building technology also ensures correct incorporation within the development proposals.

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