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At Sanderson Weatherall we work nationwide to provide the education sector with timely expert advice

At Sanderson Weatherall we work nationwide to provide the education sector with timely expert advice. From assistance with funding applications, business rates, project monitoring, valuations, sale and acquisition advice we work across the property lifecycle on behalf of a number of education bodies.

Ultimately our focus is on ensuring high quality, fit for purpose properties that provide our clients with the best possibility to teach and students the best chance to learn within a relaxed and secure environment.

Our clients include a range of service providers, including:

• Universities

• Academy Trusts

• Independent Schools

• Community Schools

• Diocesan Schools

• Further Education Colleges

To discuss the property services that we provide to the education sector, feel free to contact a member of our specialist team.

Valuation Services for the Education Sector

  • Fully experienced in providing valuations for formal accounts purposes undertaken by our team of specialist RICS Registered Valuers and usually undertaken on a Depreciated Replacement Cost basis taking into account the latest accounting principles including the concepts of a Modern Equivalent Asset and Right to Use properties, and the current RICS Guidance Notes.
  • Additional valuation advice often for alternative use when school properties are no longer required.
  • We have acted on the sale of well over 100 former school properties either for conversion for alternative use or comprehensive redevelopment.
  • Negotiating conditional contracts subject to planning including complex overage/ clawback agreements.
  • Town Planning for additional accommodation or for conversation for alternative use, including land use planning to maximise future values.

Key Contacts

Andrew Ellis | 0113 221 6040 | andrew.ellis@sw.co.uk

Ian Vivian | 0207 851 2117 | ian.vivian@sw.co.uk

Building Surveying Services for the Education Sector

  • Provide support to Academies, Sixth-Forms, Free Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts to ensure buildings are kept in a good condition and that a safe environment is maintained at all times.
  • We can undertake a review of the condition of the client’s buildings and help inform capital planning decisions. We can assist with assessing the building’s condition and prepare detailed schedules to assess the extent of disrepair/replacement required and the potential cost implications. This can help with either CIF applications (Condition Improvement Funding) or advise on how to prioritise the distribution of SCA (School Condition Allocation).
  • Provide advice on the appropriate procurement route for repairs, alterations and improvements.
  • Building defect surveys to identify the root cause of the problems and advise on a repairing strategy which will have regard to a client’s budget and timescales.
  • Advice on dilapidation claims to ensure that any claim reflects your true responsibility under the lease and the costs included are a true allowance of the remedial/replacement works required.
  • Advice on reinstatement values and help to ensure the building/site is adequately insured and that an appropriate assessment of the re-build costs is completed.
  • Project management and contract administration assistance to ensure that your project, whether this is a new build and/or a refurbishment is delivered on time, budget and to the quality standards expected. This also includes Architectural Services. 

Key Contacts

Harry Naylor | 0113 221 6179 | harry.naylor@sw.co.uk

Jo Williams | 0117 338 1802 | jo.williams@sw.co.uk

    Condition Improvement Funding (CIF) - We're here to help

    Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding facility which aims to maintain and improve school buildings’ safety and good condition through the provision of Capital Funding. This is open to Academies, Sixth-Forms, Free Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts.

    If you’re unsure whether your project qualifies, or have any questions then get in touch.

    Read more about CIF

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