Sustainability Policy

Sanderson Weatherall is aware of the role it can play in supporting sustainable development across the range of our surveying practice areas. We are committed to promoting sustainability issues through our day to day activities as chartered surveyors.

Environmental concern and that for the wider sustainability agenda are integrated into our business management systems. Our goal is to promote good environmental and sustainable practices in our operations and that of our suppliers and clients.

The key elements of our sustainability activities include:

Incorporating sustainability issues into all business decisions.
Sanderson Weatherall do this using their Business Management System incorporating a documented Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) throughout its business.

Ensuring all our advice to clients takes sustainability into account.
Sanderson Weatherall works with its clients to help achieve their sustainability objectives. We also assist our clients with data collection and information required for their GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) Reporting.

Integrating sustainability considerations into internal operational procedures.
Sanderson Weatherall hold ISO 14001 certification which is the process of enhancing our environmental management system to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance in line with our environmental policy.

Minimising the environmental impact of our offices.
Sanderson Weatherall monitor printing usage highlighting to staff their impacts on the environment to encourage reduction. Recycling bins are situated throughout our offices and batteries and toner cartridges are also recycled separately. Sanderson Weatherall aim to source environmentally friendly products to reduce our carbon footprint.

Minimising the environmental impacts of travel.
100% of employee’s vehicles are within the HMRC recommended Co2 threshold and we are compliant with their regulations. We currently have 22 hybrid vehicles, which represents 31% of our current fleet. Sanderson Weatherall offer the Cycle-To-Work scheme and currently 10% of our workforce utilise this. Staff are encouraged to use public transport where possible. Sanderson Weatherall contribute to the All-Star Eco Point Tree Planting Scheme to help reduce our travel CO2 footprint.

Abide by the “waste hierarchy” through prevention, reduction, re-use and recycling.
We work with cleaning companies within our offices who use eco-friendly, bio-degradable, phosphate free and non-hazardous chemicals. Re-useable trigger sprays also reduce plastic waste and transport pollution. Toilet rolls and paper towels are made from recycled or pure pulp ethical sources.

Protecting the environment by minimising energy use within our buildings and ensuring that energy efficient equipment choices are made.
Over the last two years we have relocated staff to more modern energy efficient buildings in Leeds, London, Newcastle and Bristol. Our head office in Leeds is based in BREEAM rated outstanding building, rated EPC A and is the first UK office building to use a Low Carbon Syngas (a biofuel) CHP (Combined Heat & Power).

Consider environmental/sustainability issues into our purchasing decisions.
Since January 2018, 38% of our vehicle orders have been for hybrid vehicles, highlighting our staff’s dedication to environmentally friendly travel.

Encouraging employee involvement in voluntary/charitable work.
Sanderson Weatherall hold an annual charity bike ride raising money for a different charity each year. Staff also have the option to take one CPD day a year to get involve in local community projects.

Making our clients and suppliers aware of our sustainability policy.
We ensure that our employees are kept up to date with and follow the latest alternative technologies and sustainable practices within our industry.

This Sustainability Policy supports our Quality & Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility Polices. These together promote our commitment to addressing our ‘triple bottom line’ in addressing environment, social and economic issues.

A Sustainability Action Tracker supports this policy, detailing specific activities within each key area of our business.