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Carlisle Citadels Regeneration

Ensuring you get the right compensation

Carlisle Citadels Regeneration

Plans were originally outlined in the Carlisle District Local Plan 2015-2030 (adopted 8 November 2016), where the Citadels area has been identified as a key redevelopment opportunity for the city centre. The area of the Citadel confined by English Street / Victoria Viaduct is specifically recognised as a mixed-use redevelopment opportunity, with great importance as part of the gateway to the city.

As part of the Borderland Inclusive Growth Deal, it has also been announced that a planned £80m new campus is to be created for The University of Cumbria as part of the Citadels redevelopment and wider Station Gateway project.

As a result of the potential redevelopment, businesses who own or occupy property in this area may be required to vacate their property and relocate their business. If you are approached by the council or their agent wishing to buy your property or relocate your business, you are entitled to receive advice from an independent specialist, whose fees will be paid for by the council.

The Council are in the process of preparing a masterplan for the redevelopment of this area and we understand this is currently being reviewed and finalised internally. The Council may look to agree acquisition of the interests from occupiers prior to the making of a Compulsory Purchase Order and therefore may be in touch with business owners soon.

How can we help you

We are a national practice of Chartered Surveyors with a specialist team of valuers. We are experienced in guiding business and property owners though the complex and often stressful process of compulsory purchase, with the intention of maximising compensation and minimising disruption.

Our clients include Jewsons, Greggs, Lookers, Magnet and Tarmac, and many other national names but we also spend a lot of time acting for smaller business.

Maximising your compensation

Our experienced team will help you throughout the entire compulsory purchase process, providing the following services:

Pre-scheme advice

  • Assist you in reviewing your options and identifying the best course of action for your property and business. This enables you to minimise the impact of the scheme while maximising compensation.
  • Prepare an objection to the CPO for presentation at the Public Inquiry. Support you in negotiations and in managing objections, including representation at Public Inquiry/Upper Tribunal.

Compensation Claim

  • Write, submit and negotiate the compensation claim and recover market value, loss of profit, goodwill, relocation costs, personal time, statutory compensation and professional fees.

Negotiation & Acquisition

  • Negotiate with The Council, agree heads of terms and instruct solicitors accordingly.
  • Represent you in compensation disputes, including attending Lands Chamber hearings.
  • Progress and monitor transactions to completion.

Case studies

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