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Historic Rates Audit

Minimise, manage and audit your property taxation

A forensic audit, checking the validity and accuracy of historic demands and payments can often lead to the identification and recovery of monies incorrectly paid.

Historic rates payments made by a company, its subsidiaries and its predecessors may amount to tens of thousands to many millions of pounds.

Sanderson Weatherall provides a specialist Rates Audit Service which, through meticulous research into past tax years, investigates whether historic demands were legally made, if there are any credits resting in Local Authority holding accounts that should already have been refunded and ensures the accuracy of existing rates payments.

Our knowledge of the law surrounding billing and collection combined with a thorough review of each property’s rating history, occupation periods, investigations into closed accounts and the consideration of company acquisitions, mergers or changes in business name means that we can identify any discrepancies.

Credits may consist of overpayments that should have been received in the form of refunds due to changes in occupation or rateable values, the failure to claim reliefs or from errors in the Local Authorities’ calculations. Interest on refunds are due in certain circumstances, which are subject to tax at the standard rate and we are also able to assist in obtaining the appropriate certification to claim a refund in tax already paid to HM Revenues and Customs.

Starting from scratch our experts recalculate what Business Rates payments should properly have been over past years, to ascertain if what has actually been paid is correct. Our expertise then means we are able to undertake a comprehensive audit of payments made and identify any opportunities for a recovery.

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