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Wyldecrest Parks boosts it’s portfolio

Marketing / 4 Mar, 16

We have been instrumental in the multi-million pound sale of nine residential mobile home parks to long-term client, Wyldecrest Parks.

In 2015, our specialist team in Exeter sold the parks, which are in holiday hotspots including Cornwall, Devon and Herefordshire, to the award-winning residential park home and holiday home operator in a series of deals worth £12 million.

Commenting on the deals, Chris Tucker, partner said: “Over the past few years Wyldecrest has without doubt been one of our best clients. During the recessionary years Wyldescrest had the funds, energy and imagination to acquire parks when others in the industry were inactive and is continuing to buy now that market conditions are improving.

“Not only has it expanded rapidly, but it has always been professional and straightforward in its approach to purchases, which means we are able recommend Wyldecrest as a reliable buyer.”

Wyldecrest Parks, which operates over 40 parks across the county, is owned and managed by self-made millionaire Alfie Best who recently featured on BBC’s Britain’s Spending Secrets with Anne Robinson.

Alfie’s path to success began with the acquisition of his first residential mobile home park, from us, in the late 1990. He has since grown the business into one of the UK’s largest residential mobile home park operators.

Alfie commented: “I’m delighted with the business’ growth in 2015 and Sanderson Weatherall played a significant part in us starting 2016 in the best possible way. The fact that we were able to invest £12 million in as many months is testament to the speed and efficiency of Sanderson Weatherall’s dealings.”

Wyldecrest Parks won the Retail and Property award at the London Loves Excellence awards in October 2015 and was one of HSBC’s ‘Superstar Clients’ in 2015.

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