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What causes condensation in buildings?

Marketing / 13 Apr, 19

During an average day in your home, there are many activities which contribute to moisture production such as cooking, bathing, heating, washing and drying your clothes and even breathing releases water vapour into the air.

Although, it is impossible to stop moisture production the key points to consider are control and prevention, this will allow you to carry on with your day to day activities without the worry of condensation sneaking back into your property.

To fully understand the potential causes of condensation, we also need to focus on the construction methods and materials used when the building was constructed, extended or refurbished. This will allow us to understand if your condensation issue is because the way your property was built rather than the moisture-producing activities occurring inside.

The other main contributing factors to consider are a lack of insulation within the thermal elements of the building such as walls, roofs and floors. This is generally older properties which were built before the Building Regulations introduced in 1965 to limit the amount of heat loss through the building’s envelope.

The final cause and factor to consider is poor ventilation. The need to adequately ventilate your property is essential to remove that unwanted moisture vapour from causing condensation issues throughout your home. There are various methods which can be implemented to increase the quality of ventilation within your home and we will explore these options later in the treatment and prevention methods.

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