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Valuation Office Agency to cut jobs despite thousands of outstanding appeals

Marketing / 21 Aug, 17

Over the weekend, it was publicised by the government that they are poised to announce a number of job cuts at the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), the government department that deals with business rates.

The plans to downsize will see three-quarters of the VOA’s senior officers axed as the closure of 19 of the 50 regional offices is expected over the next three years. The announced cuts are part of a long-term goal of cutting 1,000 jobs in the VOA, almost a third of all staff, by 2021. Click here to view the original article from the Mail on Sunday.

Rob Cohen, partner in our business rates team, commented, “I am disappointed by the government’s decision to announce further cuts at such a critical time for many businesses across the country.

“The VOA are over stretched as it is and have struggled to cope for a number of years in effectively disposing of appeals; there are currently around two hundred thousand appeals outstanding against rating assessments and these job cuts will not help.

“What the VOA really need is more funding and extra resources, not further cuts. It is almost as if they are being set up to fail, lending weight to many sceptics view that the Government will seek to privatise them in due course.”

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