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Marketing / 25 Jan, 16

Q) What types of property do you value?

A) We will deal with all types of property valuations from simple residential to complex multi mullion pound assets. We have experienced valuers who deal in all the primary (industrial, office, retail and investment) and specialist property types (e.g. holiday parks, leisure, healthcare etc.)

Q) What information do you need to do a valuation?

A) This will depend on the nature of the asset. For example, for an investment property we would require lease documentation etc and for a trading pub we would need to see 3 years audited accounts.

Q) How do you value commercial properties?

A) That depends very much upon the type and nature of the property. Many properties are valued on a comparative basis, with regard to analysed sales of similar properties. However, some classes of property are valued differently. For example pubs, hotels, and leisure property is often valued with regard to its trading potential. Specialist properties are sometimes valued with regard to the costs of replacement, for example, Hospitals, Sports Stadia etc.

Q) Can you value my property before you have seen it?

A) Unfortunately, as there are so many elements that affect the value of property it is very difficult to give an accurate valuation until we have seen the property.

Q) How long does it take you to complete the report?

A) Each property is different and as such each valuation report is different. We will always try to report within 10 working days from inspection.

Q) How much does a valuation cost?

A) As every property and every valuation is different, there is no simple answer. Our fee quotes are bespoke to each and every job.

Q) I’ve heard of the “Red Book”, what is it?

A) The “Red Book” is the Professional Standards and guidance notes that all RICS registered valuers are bound by when undertaking valuation work.

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