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Top tips for parks in 2020

Adam Burkinshaw / 6 Feb, 20

As the UK finally decides to what degree it implements Brexit, much of the uncertainty that appears to have been holding back consumers is likely to slowly evaporate providing opportunities for parks to capitalise on a number of fronts.

Further innovation is likely to be key. We are already seeing an increasing number of parks offering a wider range of alternative accommodation types with Teepeeā€™s, Yurts, Bow Topped Wagons, Pods, Tree Houses and a host of other accommodation types having been introduced, though many parks still maintain a more traditional offering. A variety of accommodation types available for short breaks enhances appeal and often acts as a feed into lucrative sales of other accommodation types and can facilitate secondary spend. Increasingly we see park owners expanding letting accommodation rather than maintaining an owner only philosophy and this trend is likely to stand parks in good stead for 2020.

Whilst all parks are service led businesses, increasing the diversity of the offering necessarily involves providing a greater range of services and this is also an aspect that is likely to continue to come to the fore as consumers expect and are increasingly willing to pay for enhanced levels of service on a concierge type basis and for additional on park activities.

Successful parks excel at getting the detail right and that is something that can only continue for the future. As we enter the traditionally quieter months for parks, now is the time to be turning attention to repairs and improvements that will make all the difference to a customers overall experience.

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