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The Guesthouse Case in Wandsworth

Marketing / 19 Dec, 18

Our planning team has been successful in obtaining a lawful development certificate for a guesthouse (a former dwelling house in C3 use) in in the London Borough of Wandsworth. Following the successful award of a lawful development certificate our client will continue to operate his business confident in the knowledge that it is no longer at risk of planning enforcement.

Our planning team were appointed on this particular case after our client had a longstanding planning application undetermined for a change of use of the C3 dwelling to a C4 House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Once we had discussed with our client how the property had been used for the last 10 years up to the present day, and what potential evidence could be compiled to prove that a guesthouse had operated from the property for in excess of 10 years, we advised that the HMO planning application should be withdrawn, and a CLEUD submitted for a C1 guesthouse.

We subsequently compiled numerous pieces of evidence including several statutory declarations, marketing material, corporate brochures, a commercial lease and website reviews from guests, amongst other things. We also prepared an overarching supporting statement which identified and summarised all of the evidence. Following lengthy negotiations with the planning officer, a favourable decision was issued. Unlike planning permissions, there are no restrictive conditions attached to the CLEUD, therefore, there are no limitations to the guesthouse use.

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