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Successful Appeal in North York Moors National Park

Marketing / 15 Aug, 17

Our planning team recently obtained planning permission at appeal for a log cabin development in the North York Moors National Park on behalf of a private client.

Prior to our involvement, the original application had been refused principally because of the sensitive landscape in which the site lies; the closest settlement to the site is Stainondale village. We were initially asked by our client to advise on whether a potential appeal would be successful. Following positive feedback, we were appointed to submit an appeal.

Owen Pike, head of our planning team said, “It is rare that planning permission is granted within remote locations inside national parks so I am delighted our appeal case was successful. We are known for providing bespoke advice and this case was no different. Rather than regurgitate well know national policy, we carefully scrutinised the reasons for refusal, committee reports and committee minutes, investigated key development plan policies and the policies and objectives of the National Park Management Plan, and established the site’s permitted development rights and fall-back positions. We were then able to identify conflicts between the Planning Officer and Committee Members, inaccurate statements and weak reasons for refusal. Finally we devised a number of grounds that were bespoke to the case.”

In her decision, Planning Inspector, Elaine Worthington commented, “Bringing matters together, overall I am satisfied that the scale of development proposed and level of activity that would arise in this case, would not have an unacceptable impact on the wider landscape or the quiet enjoyment, peace and tranquillity of the National Park.

“Nor would it detract from the quality of life of local residents or the experience of visitors. I therefore conclude on this issue that the proposal would not be harmful to the character and appearance of the National Park.”

For more information on the case or to discuss your planning needs, please contact Owen Pike on 0117 338 1813 or at .

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