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Setting up a food and beverage pop-up

Marketing / 14 Apr, 16

Does the property have the requisite planning consent for F&B occupiers?

The property may require A3 planning consent (planning consent for the sale of food and drink), depending upon the nature of the occupier. If it does require planning consent, either permanent or temporary, the time and cost involved in obtaining the consent may not be viable for the landlord or a pop-up occupier.

There are however some properties which can be used without planning consent for a limited period under permitted development rights. In any event, having to deal with planning issues slows down the process and provides a level of complication that is at odds with the fast turn-around, that a pop-up occupier is looking for.

Does the property have the level of fit out and infrastructure required?

If the property is a shell or in poor condition, it’s unlikely to be viable. Food and beverage occupiers will require a certain level of infrastructure to enable their businesses to function. This might include extraction, suitable gas and

electricity supplies, as well as customer WCs.

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