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Rudding Park Estate Sale Paves Way for Follifoot Affordable Housing

Marketing / 10 Apr, 15

One of Harrogate’s premier landowners has completed the sale of a one-acre plot in Follifoot to an affordable housing developer.

We negotiated the sale of the land on Pannal Road on behalf of Rudding Park Estate. The development will be operated by Home Group, one of the UK’s largest providers of high quality housing and supported housing services and products. One of the conditions of the sale was that the site would be used entirely for affordable housing, with 12 units planned for the development.

Commenting on the sale, Rudding Park Estate’s owner Mark Mackaness said: “I am keen to see Follifoot prosper and not stagnate into a dormitory village that consists of only executive and high priced houses. This was why I was determined to promote the site for 100% affordable housing for rent and I am delighted Sanderson Weatherall’s diligence and expertise has moved the village one step closer to this end goal. Once this is completed, we hope that the land to the rear might be turned into a village playground and recreational area.”

The land on Pannal Road was earmarked as a location for an affordable development by Harrogate Borough Council in response to the lack of social housing in the area.

Councillor Mike Chambers, Harrogate Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing said: “It is important that the council does all that it can to encourage developers to provide housing for a wide range of people and we welcome the provision of much needed affordable rural housing in the district.”

We brokered the deal to the satisfaction of both parties and with the full support of the Council. Grays Solicitors of York provided legal advice to the vendor, and Space Partnerships and Blacks Solicitors acted for the purchaser.

Our partner in corporate real estate, Andrew Ellis, said: “This was a unique opportunity to assist in an important deal for Harrogate that will provide much-needed affordable housing for the town, and we are happy to have guided Rudding Park Estate through the sale process.”

Home Group is a social enterprise and charity with an annual turnover of £325m. The society houses over 120,000 people a year, managing 55,000 homes in over 200 local authority areas in England, Scotland and Wales.

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