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Residential Update: Registering your appliances

Marketing / 18 Sep, 17

If you have purchased a large appliance in the past four or five years then you will probably have received a small card asking you to register your appliance. Do not worry if you have ignored the card or perhaps thrown it away without realising, you are not in the minority, in England only 43 per cent of people register their appliances with a manufacturer.

Nowadays you can purchase a large appliance such as a washing machine, fridge freezer or dishwasher without providing the manufacturer with any of your contact details. By registering your product with the manufacturer you enable them to get in touch should they need to.

Why Register

Registering your products is a sensible safety precaution as there are cases that a manufacturer may need to get in touch if they have identified problems with an appliance. It can prove nearly impossible for manufacturers to trace you if you didn’t initially register your appliance so it is important to take the responsibility to let them know how to contact you, especially if you are renting out the property.

How to register

Most manufacturers will include a registration page on their website but if you can’t find this then the Associate of Manufactuers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) have a set up a website that makes it quicker and easier to register all your appliances in one place.

Visit and click on the relevant manufactrer logo to open the data entry form.

Diana Warr, residential lettings specialist in our Leeds office, commented “Despite it being fairly uncommon that a manufacturer needs to contact you with a safety message we would always advise that you are prepared. In the past there have been occasions where certain appliances are recalled and if the manufacturer cannot contact you, you may have an unsafe product in your property.”

“I have used the online portal to register my own personal appliances and found it really simple to use. If you are a landlord then I would certainly advise you register all of your appliances as a five minute job now could save you a lot of hassle further down the line.”

If you have any further questions about registering your appliances then you can get in touch with Diana on 0113 221 6017.

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