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Redundant Plant & Equipment, not always the end of the road!

Stephen Jepson / 19 Mar, 21

As part of Inspired Pet Nutrition’s plans to modernise its facilities and a further demonstration of their commitment to sustainability an online auction was held last month to sell off surplus machinery and grain silos.

Last year the pet food company released ‘A Positive Pawprint’ plan, that laid out a number of goals, including using recyclable packaging, planting a tree for each of their near-300 employees and remaining carbon negative, a status they achieved during 2020.

Inspired Pet Nutrition appointed leading machinery and business assets disposal specialists Sanderson Weatherall to value the assets and oversee the online auction which took place last month.

“In true Yorkshire tradition we wanted to ensure that nothing went to scrap or was wasted and we’re delighted with the results of February’s auction. Some of the lots had been installed in the 1990s at our original pet food site, that we fondly refer to as Topcliffe Mill and it’s great that these pieces of equipment will find new homes to support new stories and development opportunities, just as they have helped IPN for the last 25 years or so.”

Richard Page - Chairman at IPN

Richard continuted, “We are particularly pleased that in all case the buyers have identified real needs for this machinery and can put them to good use going forward and help build their business and brand, just as they have with Wagg & Harringtons.”

The sale was a great success attracting bidders from all over the UK as well as further afield including Germany, Ireland, Netherlands and Lebanon with the packing equipment and tote bin loadcell product weigh line attracting the most bids.

Greenfence Ltd were one of the successful bidders and managing director David Thompson commented, “We were very pleased to purchase the used Cetec automatic bag filling machine and heat-sealing unit from IPN,  which will allow us meet increased online and trade demand for our organic, easy to use garden products;  SlugLess and easyMulch.  This unit has been well looked after and is in excellent condition.”

Partner at Sanderson Weatherall, Stephen Jepson added, “We deal with the sale of a variety of assets and the IPN case was particularly appealing as it was great to see a number of the lots sold being put to good use in other businesses. It was great to reach a sale on all of the lots on offer with strong bidding and we wish IPN the best of luck with their plans moving forward.”

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