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Pre-Application advice sought for residential development in Hertfordshire

Owen Pike / 30 Apr, 20

We’ve just submitted a request on behalf of Oasis Holding, for pre-application advice to East Hertfordshire Council for a residential development of around 40 homes. The major development, on former Brickfield in Hertfordshire, includes a mix of open market dwellings, affordable houses, and custom and self-build plots with a capacity of around 40 dwellings. It also includes a significant area of green space, which will either be used as public open space or allotments, both of which are encouraged by Development Plan policies.


Planning constraints at the site include:

1.Its greenfield status (even though the site forms part of a former brickfield, the remains of permanent and fixed surface structures have blended into the landscape).

2.Its windfall nature (it is not allocated in either the Local Plan or Neighbourhood Plan).

3.Edge of settlement location.

4.Nearby bat foraging areas.

5.Its position within a designated view corridor.

In response to these constraints we prepared a supporting statement which included:

1.Outlining how the scheme responds to the authority’s flexible policy relating to windfall sites.

2.Evidence to demonstrate that the authority has not met its obligations to provide sufficient custom and self-built plots under the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

3.How the scheme could enhance an adjoining Public Right of Way that leads to the centre of the village.

4.A recommendation that an ecological link is created to run through the site to facilitate foraging bats and that dense, long established tree belts on the western boundary are retained together with the incorporation of a green corridor to enhance the designated view corridor by framing it.

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