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Potential North East Property Investment Fund

Simon Elliot / 15 Aug, 19

We are proud to be supporting the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) develop a Commercial Property Investment Fund.

The fund will provide senior debt and linked incentive funding for almost viable commercial property developments within the NELEP area that realize Strategic Economic Plan objectives. At this stage transaction size is likely to be £5m but higher in exceptional circumstances. The size of the fund is likely to be between £50m and £100m.

Good progress has been made with input from a range of partners on prospective demand, fund structure and governance. Ahead of a full Ex Ante evaluation, final approval and fund procurement we are keen to identify the pipeline of almost viable development opportunities within the NELEP area.

A series of workshops has been arranged with known stakeholders but to ensure we get a comprehensive understanding of the market we would like to invite other interested parties (e.g. developers, investors, businesses and their agents) with almost viable project proposals in the NELEP area to get in touch with Simon to find out more. He can be contacted at: 07872 378 061 or by email on

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