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Planning application will help rejuvenate North Yorkshire caravan park

Marketing / 8 May, 18

Our planning team has recently advised on the planning application for 25 additional static holiday caravans, which will be able to be sub-let by their owners, at Lido Leisure Park in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire.

This was not a straightforward application because the site is located wholly within the ‘Nidd Gorge’ Special Landscape Area and on the edge of the Knaresborough Conservation Area.

In the light of a Development Plan policy which sought to protect landscape character, we commissioned a Landscape and Visual Appraisal (LVA). Despite the LVA identifying a few minor adverse effects, it was concluded that the further caravans would be entirely in keeping with the surrounding landscape character and would not, therefore, result in any material landscape or visual effects.

We also carried out a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) which concluded there would be no adverse impacts on the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

Ultimately Planning Officers agreed with us that a conflict with a Development Plan policy which sought to prevent ‘minor’ adverse impacts on landscape character was outweighed by the benefits of the development. The benefits included an opportunity to help the Council maximise tourism in this part of the Borough, by enabling the applicant to sell additional caravans at a lower price, hopefully attracting new customers.

The decision also represents a form of diversification for a rural business because it would enable a different ownership model to be provided, it should mean the site is fully occupied more frequently, which will help maintain local tourist attractions and visitor destinations, and contribute to the renaissance of the town.

Please contact Owen Pike on 0117 338 1813 or at for further details if you have a site with development potential.

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