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Published on: 9th July 2018

Workspace density, tasked based spaces and breakout spaces are all things that needed to be considered when designing an office layout.

The layout of an office can have an effect on concentration, collaboration, confidentiality and creativity. Hot desking and shared workspaces are becoming increasingly common in modern working environments with the objective to increase workspace density and provide more efficient spaces.

When designing, considerations must be made to find the balance between workspace efficiency and ensuring the well-being of the occupant is not compromised, the British Council of offices suggests that workspace density should be between 8 – 13m².

Several design considerations can be made to improve employee wellbeing, two key aspects being agile working and active design, agile working gives the employee flexibility, providing a variety of different work settings giving employees control over where, how, and when they work, while active design encourages movement both inside and outside the office.

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