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New Waste Management deal confirmed with sustainability partners Core

Matthew Lawrence / 13 Mar, 20

We have recently agreed a new waste management deal aimed at driving sustainability throughout our office network with Core Facility Services, Yorkshire’s leading facility services provider.

Core already manages our energy purchasing and efficiency and will now look at ways to develop and improve our waste services to increase recycling and reduce costs.

The agreement is the latest partnership by Core aimed at driving sustainability in businesses through best practice in waste, energy and wellness.

Colette Watts, managing director of Core Facility Services, said: “Waste is an area that has seen ever-increasing government legislation in recent years in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste material being sent to landfill.

“Good waste management practices can help businesses drastically reduce the amount they send to landfill and cost savings of between 10 and 40% are achievable by educating staff, streamlining administration procedures and sourcing the right suppliers.”

“Our clients expect us to be doing everything we can to make sure we are running a sustainable business and meeting current environmental legislation.

Core already effectively manages our energy to keep costs and usage as low as possible so we know they will work hard to help us achieve our sustainability goals on waste and recycling too.

Having multiple supplier relationships dealt with under one roof by Core also helps us operationally, making our lives simpler and saving us time and money.”

Matthew Lawrence - Head of SW Property Management
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