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New rating list published

Marketing / 3 Apr, 17

On 1st April, the new Rating List for all non-domestic property in UK came into force and these are the figures that will be used to assess the business rates bills for 2017/18. It is now possible to challenge the 2017 rateable values, using the new check, challenge and appeal system.

This is the first revaluation of commercial property since 2010. With a turbulent economy over the past 7years, and a major shift in the UK property market during this time period, there will inevitably be many ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ going forward.

Our rating team are on hand to help examine your options of appeal and will:

•Initially, provide you with confirmation of what your 2017/18 liability should be and budgets for the years to come

•Discuss options of the check, challenge & appeal process and how our service can be tailored to your needs

•Helping you understand any types of relief your business may be entitled to

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