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Meet Ceri Hartnell

Marketing / 30 Sep, 16

Meet Ceri Hartnell. Ceri works in our Property Management team, based in our Leeds office.

What was your first ever job?

My first ever job was working as a waitress (alas not in a cocktail bar) back in Berwick Upon Tweed. I loved it. Berwick is a very busy tourist town so you would get to meet all sorts of interesting characters.

What is your favourite building in Yorkshire, and why?

We are so fortunate in Yorkshire to have so many incredible buildings and some real landmarks. I have really admired the work that has been done on the former majestic nightclub in Leeds. This really is the building which greets people when they arrive in Leeds so it’s wonderful to see a local developer returning it to its former glory despite the setbacks with the fire. It’s hard to work in property and not admire historic buildings, as it proves that if you build well it can stand the test of time.

What is the biggest project that you have been involved in?

In one of my previous role at Citu I was involved in the award winning green house development in Leeds. Working with a maverick developer like Chris at Citu has provided me with a wealth of experience and his commitment to sustainable development that has been incredible. I try to use this knowledge and experience of sustainability in my current management role and always offer advice to clients on the importance of this, especially with the changing regulations to EPCs coming forward.

What does the future look like in the Yorkshire property market?

It is easy to think all doom and gloom at the moment but I believe Yorkshire flies its own flag and has a proven track record of performing well in challenging markets. The Brexit issue continues to create uncertainty; however, we are continuing to see activity in the markets and with the arrival of John Lewis in Leeds at the end of the year will act as a great boost to an already enviable retail quarter. I am also very excited to hear of plans to improve the access to Leeds Bradford Airport as this can again, only bolster the region.

What one thing would you change to influence the future of the Yorkshire property market?

It would be good to see the Sheffield market strengthen off the back of HS2 plans. Having attended university in Sheffield I think a strong link between Sheffield and Leeds is rarely talked about and the focus often goes to the other side of the Pennines. Sheffield, Leeds and York could all really work strongly together to highlight the power and connectivity Yorkshire has to offer.

Name three people, dead or alive, that you would pick to work in your team.

Prince Philip – he knows how to support a leader and rally the troops and has a great sense of humour.

Duke of Westminster – I think his recent passing was felt by everyone in the property community and he clearly understood how to help move a property company forward.

Kate Reardon – Editor of Tatler, as she balances the old with the new effortlessly.

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