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Meet Adrian Gladstone

Marketing / 1 Sep, 16

Meet Adrian Gladstone. Adrian is a building surveyor in our building consultancy team. He’s based on our Bristol office.

What was your first ever job?

My very first job was working in my local Co-op supermarket on Sundays during my school and college years.

Surveying wise, I trained at a local firm in Bristol, assisting the senior partner with expert witness work – an incredibly interesting learning curve.

What is your favourite building in the South West, and why?

The Southwest is stocked up with beautiful historic architecture – particularly Bristol, Bath and the South Cotswold villages.

In terms of my favourite building however it would have to be the Tobacco Factory in Bedminster, Bristol. Although not the prettiest of structures, its conversion from derelict warehouse to bar/café and theatre started the regeneration of a whole area of south Bristol. I may be a little bit biased however, as I do live nearby.

What does the future look like in the South West property market?

It looks bright. Bristol is emerging as a strong centre for business with more and more firms relocating from London, with the proposed electrification of the train line making the journey only 75-80 minutes. This has pushed residential prices up, but demand still outstrips supply.

Further to the Southwest, coastal resorts are booming with Devon and Cornwall seeing more and more visitors.

What one thing would you change to influence the future of the South West property market?

Infrastructure. Travel is a perennial sticking point to doing effective business in the Southwest; better public transport links would improve this greatly. Bristol is notorious for the slowest traffic in Britain!

Some aspects of this are being addressed in the shape of Bristol Metrobus and electrification of the London-Bristol train line; however, improvement of the local road and train network would also be welcome.

If you could give one piece of business advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Network, network, network! Everyone you meet is a potential client or useful future contact.

Name three people, dead or alive, that you would pick to work in your team.

Up first I would pick Zaha Hadid – the eminent architect would bring some serious design flair to the team.

Secondly, King Alfred The Great – possibly the greatest negotiator in history and would certainly come in useful on tricky dilapidations claims.

My third team member would be David Brent, Ricky Gervais brilliant character from The Office, as after all, you have to keep it light.

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