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Keeping your vacant building safe and secure

Matthew Lawrence / 24 Aug, 20

During the Covid-19 outbreak there will have been many times that you may have been required to leave a property empty for an extended period. To help keep your building safe and secure, our facilities managers listed the top 10 things you need to do with your property:

Disconnect power – turn off all battery charging equipment that you won’t be using.

Get rid of the rubbish – try not to leave any waste hanging around in your empty building.

Remove valuable items – where practical, take any high value items with you.

Keep it heated – as we move into spring this shouldn’t be as much of a problem, but as a rule all buildings should be kept at 5 degrees centigrade to look after the heating and water systems.

Light it up – if possible, leave the external security lighting switched on.

Keep fire protection active – ensure all fire protection systems, including fire suppression and fire detection systems, are active and maintained.

Isolate water – if the property is going unoccupied for a long period of time, isolate water supplies that are not required for fire protection systems or other critical equipment.

Lock up – make sure you close all the doors, especially any fire doors, lock your windows and close any shutters.

Set the alarm – check it’s working and that your response team knows what to do if it goes off.

Keep an eye on it – maintain security rounds and site safety checks where practical and possible.

For more detailed advice on property control measures and risk mitigation during the Covid-19 outbreak, please get in touch with Matthew Lawrence or John Peckett.


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