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How our new office transformed our business

Marketing / 13 Oct, 16

Matthew Clarke, head of our Teesside office, talks about how our new office space has transformed the business.

“It’s been a year since we moved into our office at Bowesfield Park. On paper the second floor 1,532 sq ft space was providing an upgrade in terms of a newer property with a high specification, but in practice our new office has changed our team dynamic, and the way we work.

We spend more time in our workplace than anywhere else. There’s no doubt we are all influenced by our surroundings, and feeling proud of where you work ultimately impacts the work you produce. I think the new, higher spec office re-energised our surveyors, which strengthened us as a team and as a leading local firm.

We’re lucky to have in house architects and building surveyors, who transformed the space into a Sanderson Weatherall office. Our iconic dark blue covers a feature wall by the entrance, so there’s no doubt when people arrive at the office of where they are. We also commissioned a local photographer, who took a fantastic shot of the infinity bridge, which now sits proudly on our meeting room wall.

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