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Expert witness evidence provided on behalf of Great Yarmouth Port Authority

Marketing / 20 Jun, 17

Following our instruction by independent law firm, Burges Salmon we provided expert witness evidence on behalf of Great Yarmouth Port Authority for the second round of a £15 million claim by Bourne Leisure in relation to the alleged loss of value to a caravan park.

Bourne Leisure claimed that the construction of the new Outer Harbour at Great Yarmouth, which extends 600m out into the North Sea, caused the erosion of Hopton Beach, Norfolk which had adversely impacted their business.

With long standing pre-existing coastal erosion issues facing the East Coast, this was a particularly complex case brought under Section 10 of the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965 which involved a variety of professionals including coastal process, legal and valuation experts.

Michael Barlow, partner at Burges Salmon commented, “In what was a very challenging case for everyone involved it was great to work alongside William Reynolds and Sanderson Weatherall. The complex case had many difficult moments and the evidence that William provided helped us to achieve the best outcome for the client”.

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