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Ensuring offices are safe and pandemic-proof

Marketing / 20 Aug, 20

With businesses starting to thinking about heading back to the office, many are inevitably looking at ways to reduce operating costs and adapt their office spaces to help comply with current restrictions.

Even before COVID-19 we were already experiencing significant shifts in occupier requirements with the growth of co-working and serviced offices leading to more flexible spaces with a greater focus around collaboration and well being. You can read our top tips on creating an office that positively impacts on your health here.

At Sanderson Weatherall we’re proud of the the way our team quickly adapted to working from home and with assistance from our cloud-based systems, we were able to continue delivering our services remotely with little impact of our clients. That said, we appreciate the benefit of retaining our office spaces and are all eager to begin operating from them more regularly.

Across our offices, we’re implementing a number of things to help return to work efficiently and safely. Here are a few tips that have helped us achieve this:

Giving Employees Confidence  

One of the first phases of easing employees back into the office is to make basic changes that give them confidence that as an employer you are doing your part to keep them feel safe. Changes could include but are not limited to;

  • Communicating with staff via regular emails and video calls
  • Signage throughout the office advising of precautions
  • Making anti-bacterial gel and wipes readily available
  • Providing correct PPE where necessary

Social Distancing in your office

The layout and size of your office will impact your ability to adhere to social distancing rules and whilst for some, solutions may be as simple as a reduction in the number of staff in the office, others may need to consider more long-term design modifications.

Increased Cleaning

As well as ensuring that anti-bacterial wipes, gels and sprays are available for employees to clean down their own workstations, door handles and communal spaces after use, it will be worth speaking to your cleaning company to develop an enhanced cleaning patter, whether that is more frequently or more thorough.

Undoubtedly organisations and their employees will set their own timescales for easing back into office working but without a vaccine available, offices need to adapt to enable employees to safely and confidently return to work.

If you’ve got any questions about the best ways to future proof your office spaces then please get in touch with us.

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