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Councils enter public consultation phase

Marketing / 24 Jan, 17

Four councils across the country are preparing new plans with the aim to stimulate growth and provide strategy for any future development.

The councils currently seeking public responses to their plans are North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Gloucester and Tameside.

All plans aim to guide local development, provide planning policies to protect and deliver development opportunities and allocate specific sites for different types of development.

Documents subject to public consultation

– North Somerset Council Call for Sites 2017 – consultation ends 17th February 2017

– South Gloucestershire Local Plan Prospectus – consultation ends 23rd February 2017

– Gloucester City Local Plan – consultation ends 27th February 2017

– Tameside Local Plan Scope – consultation ends 6th March 2017

Why local businesses and residents should get involved

Once adopted, the plans will be used to assess planning applications. The consultations are therefore an opportunity for:

• Landowner’s, farmers and rural estates to promote their greenfield sites, vacant sites or surplus land for development or redevelopment,

• Landlord’s to promote their under-utilised or unoccupied buildings for alternative or higher value uses;

• Asset managers to promote intensification or a wider mix of uses within their properties

• Developers to influence policies to promote their interests;

• Businesses to protect their commercial interests by promoting the industries and sectors that they work in; and,

• Institutions, medical and educational providers, ecclesiastical and religious organisations to support specific industries or sectors of the economy.

How we can help you

We can submit bespoke representations that provide the Council with articulate feedback on elements within the consultation documents relating to your interests.

For assistance, please contact Owen Pike on 0117 338 1813 or

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