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Case Study: Asset valuation services facilitates management buy-out of Siddall and Hilton Products

Marketing / 1 Apr, 16

Siddall and Hilton Products Ltd are a firm involved in the production and distribution of welded wire mesh, including fencing panels, which are sold to fencing systems suppliers and distributors throughout the UK, and overseas.

The company has been family owned since it was founded in 1898 and the recent management buy-out facilitated an exit for the Siddall family and other shareholders. It also will allow those left within the Siddall and Hilton Group the opportunity to focus on its other business interests.

Our Asset based lending department provided the company with asset valuation services, offering advice for inventory and plant and machinery asset valuation. We were also able to provide Siddall and Hilton Products with accounts receivable collateral review advice on behalf of the management team, their advisors and the asset based lenders.

Our specialist asset based lending advisors were able to pull together all asset classes and form eligibility and value viability opinions for the benefit of the management buy-out team. This allowed the lenders the ability to set parameters of suitable lending levels for now and in the future.

Ian Thurley, Finance Director at Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd said:

“Sanderson Weatherall were engaged at very short notice and the highly confidential nature of the project required that work was completed with a great deal of circumspection. Christian conducted the exercise in a thoroughly professional manner and worked tirelessly to produce a quality report to extremely tight deadlines.

Sanderson Weatherall’s asset based lending team quickly picked up the salient points of our stock valuation methodology, conducted a full review of our debtors ledger and undertook a review and valuation of our fixed assets. The final report was accepted by our funders without need for further recourse; a significant step towards facilitating the resulting deal.

I would not hesitate to use SW again and would recommend them to anyone seeking similar services.”

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