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Carys Allen: A year out with SW

Marketing / 18 Nov, 14

Carys Allen talks about her experiences as a year work placement student with Sanderson Weatherall.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given a one year work placement at the Bristol office of Sanderson Weatherall.

I joined SW on July 1st having successfully completed my 2nd year of a Property Investment and Management degree at UWE. The degree course has an optional sandwich placement year, which I knew from the outset I was keen to pursue. However, throughout my 2nd year at University, it soon became apparent that in a competitive market which was, and is still recovering from the global recession of 2008, it was going to be hard to secure a placement job. I feel by gaining practical experience in the property market, it will help me to decide which area of the property industry I would like to specialise in, but I also feel it will benefit me by being able to apply the knowledge I will pick up over this coming year, during my final year studies.

My first few months at SW have been busy – meeting the team, settling in, and even an office move. The biggest task is getting to grips with what my job entails and trying to apply the theoretical knowledge I’ve learnt from my first two years at UWE into the practical world.

I’m based in the Retail team, where I will be for the next 5 months. After which I will be rotating with Will Shortridge, another UWE student who is on Placement here, to the Valuation department. With other departments in the office including building surveying, development, valuation, architectural design and planning it has been interesting to learn about everyone’s varied jobs. In the retail department I work with Richard Saunders, Partner and James Woodard, Associate Partner.

Both Richard and James act for a number of retail operators, with James specialising in the food and beverage industry. So far, I’ve been involved in acquisition work for Boston Tea Party and Hotcha as well as assisting on leasing deals in Salisbury and Portsmouth shopping centres, both of which Richard is managing. I’ve also been given the responsibility of doing viewings on units we are looking to dispose of, in and around Bristol. I’m yet to be successful in completing a letting deal but I am hopeful that I will be able to engineer my first deal in the property world in the near future!

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