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Bristol airport’s master plan consultation presentation

Marketing / 7 Feb, 18

During January Chris Howell from our Bristol office chaired Bristol Airport’s Master Plan consultation presentation which was attended by 30 of Bristol’s property agents and consultants.

The event took place on 23rd January in the old terminal building with Simon Earles, the Airport’s Planning and Sustainability Director and Nigel Scott, Business Development Director presenting.

The Airport is in initial consultations with local residents and regional businesses given national projections for it to expand from serving 8 million to 20 million passengers over the next 30 years. Bristol Airport is already Easyjet’s biggest hub outside of London and is the largest airport in the UK without a dual carriageway or rail connection.

Four potential scenarios have been developed to enable growth but the location of the site on the edge of green belt will mean any upscaling will be controversial.

Read more about the master plan by clicking here.

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