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2019 Housing Delivery Test Published

Owen Pike / 9 Mar, 20

The 2019 Housing Delivery Test for Local Authorities in England was published last month with further information available on the Government website here.

The Housing Delivery Test is an annual measurement of housing delivery in the area of relevant plan-making authorities.

Depending on the level of delivery achieved the following actions are required: –

  • the authority should publish an action plan if housing delivery falls below 95%;
  • a 20% buffer on the local planning authority’s 5 year supply if housing delivery falls below 85%;
  • application of the presumption in favour of sustainable development if housing delivery falls below 45%.

Nationally, eight local authorities will be subject to the Housing Delivery Test’s most severe penalty after they failed to meet government targets. The authorities that have fallen short are; City of London; Havering; Thanet; Eastbourne; Three Rivers; New Forest; Basildon; and, North Hertfordshire.

In the West of England sub-region two authorities are underperforming; Bristol – 87% where an Action Plan is required, and North Somerset 78% where a 20% buffer to the 5-year housing land supply will apply.

Our specialist planning team is currently advising on residential developments in Cornwall, South Somerset, Wealden and East Hertfordshire so has experience in providing evidence-based analyses of housing positions in authorities across the country. We are therefore able to identify the severity of present circumstances (and likely future positions) for the next five year period and beyond. Accordingly, we can help to advise clients of promising opportunities in the short, medium and long term.

To find out more information please get in touch with head of our planning team Owen Pike on 0117 338 1813 or at for further information.

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